Employee Spotlight: Dr. Elliot Hardy

Dr. Elliot Hardy - Dentist

elliotFor nearly two decades since the Center for Family Health added dentistry services, Dr. Elliot Hardy has been one constant through an era of enormous growth in the dental department.

Dr. Hardy started with CFH in 2001, primarily because the health center needed a dentist skilled at providing urgent care. He still finds personal and professional reward in the CFH mission of opening doors to health care.

“A lot of the patients we see are people who can't get regular dental care,” said Dr. Hardy. “We serve a needy population. I enjoy helping them.”  

Dr. Hardy grew up in Boston and graduated from Amherst College. He earned a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Michigan Dental School.

From early in his career in general dentistry, Dr. Hardy built interest and expertise in urgent care and oral surgery. He credits that interest to mentors he met in dental school, in dental residency, and more recently through his association with Dr. Jerry Booth, an oral surgeon who also works for CFH.

“Dr. Booth was perfectly willing to share his knowledge with me,” said Dr. Hardy. “And I appreciate that.”

After practicing dentistry in the Detroit area, Dr. Hardy accepted a post as a dentist with the Michigan Department of Corrections. He worked in the prison system for 20 years. While still working in prisons, Dr. Hardy took a part-time job with CFH in 2001. He ended his work for the Corrections Department and was hired full-time at CFH four years ago.

Dr. Diana Ellis, CFH Dental Director, called Dr. Hardy a master clinician in his area of emphasis, and dentist who has helped a significant number of underserved patients in his career.

“He is unwaveringly consistent in his approach, highly reliable, and he holds himself to a high level of personal accountability,” said Dr. Ellis.  “He is always focused on the task at hand.”

Away from work, Dr. Hardy enjoys tutoring teenage students in math and English. He also tries to be a mentor to dental residents at CFH. A former wrestler himself, Dr. Hardy is a devoted fan of the University of Michigan wrestling team. He is married and has two adult children.

Dr. Hardy said the CFH record of community service has been especially important during the coronavirus pandemic.  Routine dental appointments were canceled during the crisis, but the Dental Clinic continued providing emergency services.

“We're the only dentists still open, and we're one step from the emergency room for these patients,” said Dr. Hardy. “We're able to address quite a few emergencies.”