Support Services


The Center for Family Health recognizes that its patients often need extra help on their road to good health. To make the path as smooth as possible, the Center offers many helping hands, available for free or little cost. All support services are available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Services include:

Patient-Care Coordinators

The Center employs registered nurses who act as medical liaisons for patients. They teach patients about how to manage chronic-care conditions, such as diabetes; troubleshoot; connect patients with outside agencies; and answer questions related to medications and health concerns.

Community Health Workers

Community health workers help patients access outside resources to help with housing, insurance, food, disability, personal needs, prescriptions and other issues. Their focus is helping you access services that can help you be successful.

Health Coaches

Health coaches are trained therapists, who work with patients as part of the health-care team to improve patient health. Health coaches help patients focus on the present concerns and issues that act as obstacles for developing healthy habits, offer support and provide tools to improve overall health. Traditional therapy sessions are not offered by health coaches. 


In addition to health coaches, the Center has therapists who provide traditional counseling and therapy services. They can see individual patients, families or groups to address such concerns as anxiety, depression or trauma. Several support groups are offered.


The Center employs a registered dietitian who sees patients one-on-one and in groups to help them create a plan for healthy eating. Groups are for CFH patients, meet regularly, are very successful – and are free.

Insurance Enrollment

Enrollment experts help patients find health coverage – from Medicaid to low-cost insurance through the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare. They also offer eligible patients HealthPay, the Center’s sliding discount program. Visit the Health Coverage page for more information.


A translator is available and on site to help Spanish-speaking patients through their medical appointments, and several providers are multi-lingual. The Center also subscribes to a sign-language service and a phone-line translation service to help with other languages.


Bus tokens and a free van service are available to help patients who have transportation issues. Downtown Jackson facilities of the Center for Family Health are conveniently located on the Jackson Area Transportation Authority's Lansing Avenue bus route.

Support Groups and Classes

  • Weight Loss & Healthy Eating – Learn healthy habits that led to healthy weight loss and eating habits.
  • Anxiety & Depression – For adults only; provides group support focusing on anxiety and depression issues.
  • Basic Healthy Eating – Patients are scheduled for this class, which features learning how to cook and eat healthy meals.
  • Dealing with Stress & Depression – This group focuses on supporting one another to deal with stress- and depression-related issues.
  • Diabetes Support Group – This group strives to strengthen support and healthy habits for patients with diabetes.

All support groups meet at the Center’s main facility at 505 N. Jackson St., Jackson, MI 49201. Call (517) 748-5500 for meeting days and times. All groups meet on the 2nd floor in Patient Education.