Fujun Wen, Data Analyst

Employee Spotlight: Fujun WenWhen Fujun Wen saw an opening for a data analyst with the Center for Family Health it was his dream job. “I graduated from MSU the Summer of 2019 with Master’s degrees in Biostatistics and Sport Psychology.” Says Fujun, “As a graduate student, my research focused on psychological health and well-being among underserved children; and I was very interested in using different statistical methods to test related research questions.” Says Fujun.

In the two years since he joined the CFH team, the impact he has made has been instrumental. “We were struggling with getting information out of Epic (an Electronic Medical Record program) to make key decisions.” Says Rebecca Snow, Chief Financial Officer at Center for Family Health. “Epic is considered one of the best EMR’s available when it comes to gathering data.  To not have the ability to extract data was very frustrating.” Rebecca explains.

“Once Fujun was here, this changed completely.  He has played a key role in the Center being able to obtain and analyze key information,” Rebecca says. This information helps shape operational and financial decisions for the Center. “Not only is Fujun an expert in data mining and analysis, he is an absolute joy to work with.  He brings such positivity to everything he does, I truly enjoy working with him.”

In his spare time, Fujun enjoys cooking, reading and spending time with his wife, two children and their new Goldendoodle puppy!

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