The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many of us to neglect our health care, including regular check-ups and immunizations.

If your family has fallen behind, now is a great time to get back on track!

Everyone needs regular check-ups.

Checkups are vital preventive care that helps adults and children stay in good health. Pediatricians make sure kids are up-to-date on immunizations and they monitor developmental milestones. For adults, regular checkups include recommended screenings for cancer and other diseases. And even if we feel fine, a doctor may discover a health concern.

What vaccines are available?

Children and adolescents need vaccines to protect them from serious illnesses including measles, whooping cough, and cancers caused by HPV. Adults need vaccines, too, to protect them from diseases such as flu, pneumonia, and shingles. Pregnant women may need vaccinations to help protect the health of their babies. Only by seeing your medical provider can you keep up with immunizations that protect you and your family.

How to set an appointment.

Call 517-748-5500 to make an appointment with a Center for Family Health provider in our Family Medicine, Pediatrics, or Women’s Health departments.

We deliver affordable health care.

As a federally qualified health center, the Center for Family Health never turns patients away because of inability to pay. We accept most commercial insurances, Medicare, and Medicaid. Patients with no health insurance have access to care through our HealthPay plan, which sets affordable fees on a sliding scale based on income and family size.

Our locations.

The Center for Family Health main office is at 505 N. Jackson Street in downtown Jackson. Our Northwest Community Health Center is connected to the R.W. Kidder Middle School at 6700 Rives Junction Road in Blackman Township.
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