Boil Water Advisory

Boil water advisory for City of Jackson water customers. 

What Happened: 

There was recently a malfunction at the Water Treatment Plant that could have potentially impacted water quality. This triggered a precautionary Boil Water Advisory from the State of Michigan, resulting in the City of Jackson informing local media, along with City of Jackson and Blackman Township water customers. Tests of the water supply have not shown any bacteria. However, it’s important for our customers to know what happened. We plan on updating the community on the status of the advisory on Thursday, June 29 when more testing is complete. 

Residents using tap water for drinking or cooking should bring the water to a boil for 1 minute and then cool before use. Boiling kills any potential bacteria. Of course, residents may use bottled water if they are able to. Updates on this situation will be given to local media and posted on the City’s website and social media platforms.

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