The Center for Family Health

Serving the community since 1991

A Federally Qualified Health Center.

Founded by Community Action in 1991, the Center for Healthy Beginnings began 30 years ago as a small prenatal clinic, caring for pregnant women and delivering babies. In 1994, the Center changed its name to the Center for Family Health (CFH), adding primary medical services and serving individuals in Jackson County and the surrounding areas. In 2000, the Center was named a federally qualified health center (FQHC) serving babies, children, teens, and adults of all ages regardless of ability to pay.

The Centers’ mission is “Opening the door to health care for all,” and our vision is “together we make good health happen.” In 2020 the Center served more than 36,000 patients, 95% of whom are considered low-income and racially diverse. Our health center provides comprehensive primary health care, behavioral health services, and dental services through a 22-chair dental clinic. We operate seven sites which include a main medical facility, a dental clinic, three urban and one rural school health centers, and a part-time primary care clinic co-located with the local community mental health agency to serve its population.

The Center accepts Medicaid, Medicare, and most commercial health insurance, and it works with patients to enroll them in appropriate health-care plans.  However, no one is turned away due to inability to pay.  The Center also operates an onsite pharmacy and a walk-in clinic.

Health Centers are Rooted in the Civil Rights Movement

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Celebrating 30 years!

In 2021 CFH celebrated 30 years of service for the Jackson community. The Center for Healthy Beginnings began in 1991 as a small prenatal clinic. In 1994 the Center changed its name to the Center for Family Health. Watch our short slideshow video that celebrates the last 30 years!